Elementary Games Compendium

Here is a large list of a variety of games, which increase in difficulty as the list expands although it should be stated that most of it is for elementary level, some pre-int and nothing above that. The vocab games are especially useful and would work well in teams with one team member being directed by his/her team. The grammar based activities would work well at any part of the lesson and could form part of a grammar auction in places.


Vocab games galore

A lot to choose from based around lexical sets or topics if you like. The format is mostly match the missing word with the sentence or cloze practice as its also known. Great for fillers to alter the teacher-centred approaches as you can delegate a student to take it. Another option is to get the students to come to the board and write the answers in the gaps first then check them.



Two teams. One person is shown a word (noun or verb) and must draw it on the board. The other team has to guess what it is, one point for the right answer. A list of words should be thought about before, Works as a cooler.